Noah Riche Memorial Fund

Genuine, passionate Christian role model. Loves children with his whole heart. Motivated by his love of God to serve others with joy and passion. Committed to excellence in every area of life. An example for others as a true man of God.

About Noah

Each fall, Camp Ozark undertakes a difficult task: to find, recruit, and hire young men who possess the above attributes, and who can serve as impactful, meaningful role models for our male campers. In Noah Riche’, Camp Ozark found just such a man. A track athlete and engineering student at Louisiana Tech, Noah began his time at Camp Ozark in 2012, serving as a counselor for the full summer. Noah was a standout cabin counselor and staff member, and the impact he had on those around him – both camper and staff – was undeniable. As his passion for Tribal Competition (and all things Caddo) became clear, Noah was selected to be the Caddo Chief during Ozark for All. Finally, in recognition of his excellent work, his leadership, and the impact and positive influence he had on his campers and peers, Noah was recognized as Camp Ozark’s 2012 Male Rookie Counselor of the Year. Noah returned in 2014 as a counselor for two sessions, and in 2015 as a member of the Camp Ozark Top Staff for the last part of the summer and for Ozark for All, again serving the campers and staff with enthusiasm and a heart for God.

Noah was bold and unafraid in his faith, always ready to give praise and thanks to God, to encourage others, to live his faith out loud and unashamed. No one who met Noah could fail to note his love and passion for the Lord, and his desire to follow Christ. As a college athlete, Noah was also an example of hard work, dedication, and resilience. He poured himself into Tribal Competition, challenging his fellow Caddo to always play with never-ending effort, to never let up, and to compete with passion and integrity.

As someone who loved children, Noah had a great impact and influence on those kids in his cabin and on his Tribal Competition teams. Noah was goofy and fun with his kids, full of energy and leading them on many adventures! But at the same time Noah challenged his campers, he worked with them to improve their faith, he helped them through their struggles, and he loved them without fail. Even after they had left Camp Ozark, Noah would call or write his campers, continuing his work of encouraging them to grow in their faith.

Finally, Noah had a deep love for those children less fortunate. Noah was passionate about Ozark for All, and had a genuine talent for working with under-served children. He often spent time helping kids who were struggling socially or behaviorally, and who perhaps lacked positive role-models back home. Noah encouraged these children, challenged them, and loved them unconditionally. And at all times, Noah spoke of the love of God and tried to help these children understand their value and worth in the eyes of the Creator. The impact and influence Noah had on many of these kids is immeasurable.

Camp Ozark is very proud and thankful to have known and worked with Noah Riche’. Because of his passion and commitment, his love of God and his genuine desire to serve others, the lives of many campers and staff were impacted and influenced. His undeniable love for God, his unbridled enthusiasm and zest for life, his deep passion for serving others…these things make up the legacy of Noah Riche’ at Camp Ozark. If you wish to contribute to the Camp Ozark Foundation in honor of Noah Riche’, please use the link below. All donations will go towards providing an incomparable Camp Ozark experience for an under-served child.