Hannah Butler Memorial Fund

Camp Ozark is proud to have known and loved Hannah Butler. If you wish to contribute to the Ozark Foundation in honor of Hannah Butler, please use the link below.

About Hannah

Camp Ozark was a big part of Hannah Butler’s life from 1999-2011. She was a 10-year camper, attended Ozone Ministries, served as a Jr. L.I.T. for Ozark for All, an L.I.T., and a Cabin Counselor for middle school girls. She was a proud Osage, even if competition and Tribal Comp were not her strong suits. Watching her “give her all” on the Flickerball field cracked everyone up! She cared more about others than herself, always. This became apparent in the numerous times she received the “First is Third” award. People knew Hannah to be welcoming and inclusive. Hannah had a gift for making everyone feel accepted and loved. She will be remembered for touching the hearts of those who might have been otherwise overlooked, and making them feel important. Hannah’s unique personality, sense of humor and style were unparalleled, but most notable were her dance moves! You might think that her camp outfits for Special Events were merely costumes, but in reality, that was her everyday wardrobe. She was extremely witty and would constantly keep her friends, counselors, and campers entertained! All in all, Hannah will be most fondly remembered for her huge heart and how well she loved God and loved others.
Camp Ozark is the place that Hannah found the Lord and began a relationship with Him. It was a place where she was not afraid to be herself, let her guard down, and be intentional with others. She received a lot from Camp Ozark. A big part of why Hannah loved Camp Ozark so much was because of the incredible Ozark community who counseled, mentored, and loved her. Hannah met her biggest role models through Camp and continued relationships with them outside of the gates. Camp was Hannah’s second home and a place where we believe she would want her legacy to live on. If you wish to give to the Camp Ozark Foundation in honor of Hannah Butler, please use the link below. All tax-deductible donations will go towards providing an incomparable Camp Ozark experience for an under-served child.