The SpringSpirit Baseball mission is “to provide safe pathways for youth to realize life opportunities through sports, education and mentoring programs that are based on Christian principles."

Meet Abigail

“I like coming to Camp Ozark because I want to learn about God. So, they talk about Him.”


SpringSpirit Baseball



SpringSpirit Baseball is a nonprofit organization serving the Spring Branch community. They have created a unique community facility and several programs benefitting the youth within this area.


Area Of Impact

West Houston Area

  • One in three families within the West Houston community lives in poverty.
  • Nearly 65% of adults never graduated from high school.

Serving the community

SpringSpirit Baseball serves the community through:

  • Homework Help
  • Youth Group
  • Youth Sports
  • After School Programming

Community Served on Google Maps

Use the map below to explore SpringSpirit Baseball's area of impact

Ozark For All & SpringSpirit Baseball

In 2013, forty six children from SpringSpirit Baseball received camp scholarships through Ozark for All. For many of these children, it was their first summer camp experience.

“One of the biggest things you see when they come back is the difference in the way they carry themselves.”

- Chris Hill

“They’ve been loved on so intensely for a week, so they feel better about themselves.”

- Chris Hill

“They get exposed to things that we can’t offer inside the gates at SpringSpirit Baseball and things that Houston doesn’t offer.”

- Haley Reiser