Brother Bill’s Helping Hand

“I've learned that no matter who you are, you’re not afraid to show people because God will always accept you. ”


Brother Bill's Helping Hand



Mission Statement: Brother Bill’s Helping Hand (BBHH), enriching the lives of men, women, and children in the community of West Dallas by empowering through learning, encouraging through relationships, and ensuring the essentials of life.


Area Of Impact

West Dallas Area

  • One in three families within West Dallas lives in poverty.
  • Nearly 65% of adults never graduated from high school.

Serving the community

Brother Bill's serves the community through:

  • Homework Help
  • Youth Group
  • Food Pantry
  • After School Programming

Community Served on Google Maps

Use the map below to explore Brother Bill's area of impact

Ozark For All & Brother Bill's

In 2013, forty one children from families involved with Brother Bill’s Helping Hand attended Camp Ozark. BBHH plans to continue sending kids to Camp Ozark as long as the scholarships are available.

“It gives them time to just be a kid, but also learn about Christ.”

- Courtney Shwadlenack

“This is the funnest place on earth, and I can’t imagine another place to be.”

- Ricky Martinez