The Camp Ozark Foundation sponsors Ozark for All – an incomparable summer camp experience for under-served children. We believe that there literally should be “no child left behind” and that all children should have the chance to experience a positive and encouraging summer camp experience.



In partnership with urban schools, churches and charities, Ozark for All seeks to provide under-served children with an incomparable camp experience. We view Ozark for All as a “joint venture” between the Camp Ozark staff, alumni, parents, friends and the individual child. While providing an incomparable summer camp experience, our vision is to compliment and partner with effective organizations that seek to break cycles of poverty through year-round programs that empower children. In many cases, our partners tell us that Camp Ozark is the highlight of a child’s year and that a scholarship to Camp Ozark is an effective reward for consistent engagement in their programs. In addition, the Camp Ozark Foundation assists in developing parameters for rewarding scholarships based on academic effort, behavior, community service and program participation.


Matthew 25 is oft cited yet remains at the heart of Christian service. Our hearts are to be the hands and feet of Christ and to bring him glory through service to others. Through OZONE, our vision is to match Ozark alumni, parents and friends with Ozark for All kids. By partnering with urban schools, churches and charities Ozark for All can help bring love, support and encouragement to kids outside of school or church.


Since its inception in 2006 Ozark for All has provided thousands of camp scholarships to children from inner-city schools from Austin, Baton Rouge, Chattanooga, Dallas, Houston, Little Rock, Memphis, Monroe, Nashville and Tuscaloosa. Our goal is to walk in “lockstep” with schools, churches and charities in these communities in aiding the nurturing and development of deserving children.

Our goal is to reach as many kids through Ozark for All as possible; we are excited about the potential for your support of this ministry.


2015 Ministry Report