The Good Shepherd Nativity Mission School, Inc., seeks to help low-income, urban youth in order to realize their fullest potential as productive members of society by providing them with an extended-day, year round, quality education, integrated with personal, moral and spiritual development, and continues guidance during the students’ further education.

The Good Shepherd School

“At Camp, I liked learning about God while I was having fun.”


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The Good Shepherd School opened in 2001 as a safe environment for at-risk children in New Orleans. Children receive an excellent education, paid for by benefactors. The school program includes enrichment activities, small student to teacher ratios, and a faith based curriculum.

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AREA OF IMPACT: Greater New Orleans Area

Fewer than 30% of our students live in married, two-parent homes.

More than 95% of students qualify for free or reduced lunch program.

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SERVING THE COMMUNITY: The Good Shepherd School serves the community through

Extended day schooling 7:30-5:00

Family Counseling

Enrichment Saturdays

Parenting Classes

Violence Prevention

Drug and Alcohol Education


Use the map below to explore the Good Shepherd School Impact.

Ozark for All & The Good Shepherd School:

In 2014, seventeen students from The Good Shepherd School attended Camp Ozark for the first time.

“I think that Niyla’s positive experience at Camp Ozark will have a lasting impression on her.”

-Denise Hoffman

“They had the time of their lives, especially because they got to try activities they had never experienced before.”

-Ariane Phillips

“I’m glad my son got to experience Camp Ozark because it has a Christian foundation, he got to meet new people, and he had so much fun.”

- Shemane Pepe