The mission of Gardere Community Christian School is to provide a firm Christian foundation in the educational and spiritual life of children in the Gardere neighborhood, encouraging them to grow into and become the person God created them to be.

Gardere Community Christian School

“I learned about God - He loves all His people and He gave his love for us!”




Gardere Community Christian School opened in August of 2011 with 9 students from first through fourth grade. As this number of students grows, classes remain small so that every student receives attention and has the opportunity to learn.


Area Of Impact

Baton Rouge - Gardere Community

  • Gardere strives to make a high quality, Christian education available to every child and family in the Gardere area of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Serving the community

Gardere Community Christian School serves the community through:

  • Offering tutoring for parents
  • Story Time Saturdays
  • Volunteer opportunities creating community involvement


Use the map below to explore the Gardere Community Christian School Impact.

Ozark for All & Gardere Community Christian School:

In 2014, thirteen students from Gardere Community Christian received scholarships to attend Ozark for All.

“It was exciting to see my students try new things and learn more about forming a relationship with Christ.”

-Mrs. Lauren Darden

“Camp Ozark offered them so many life experiences that they wouldn't be able to have otherwise.”

-Mrs. Lott

“Many of our kids do not get the opportunity to go to different places. So for someone to offer them an opportunity like that, it was just a blast, it was GREAT!”

- Charleen Johnson